Just in Time for the Weekend

After taking about a month-and-a-half off from writing jack shit due to my daughter(!) being born, I return to bring you this video. It’s pretty cool because 1) Bradley Cooper is asking the question, and he later becomes a guest of the show, and 2) Sean Penn makes no god damn sense. Enjoy.

Happy Friday!


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2 Responses to Just in Time for the Weekend

  1. Tyson Carter says:

    Well Im a little late but congrats on the daughter thing!!!! 🙂 Nice to see you on WordPress dude 🙂

    • Sir Phobos says:

      It’s nice to be here…looks like I have to switch off comment approval, though. I just noticed this.

      Thanks, she’s amazing! She’s almost 7 weeks old now, and she’s getting big as shit.

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