Just in Time for the Weekend

Today is Friday, meaning I get to go home, crack open a beer, and vent over all the stupid shit that happened to me this week. It’s sort of like what Robert Pattinson does in this clip, only instead of talking about office work, it’s about Twilight, and instead of a week, it covers the last several years of his life. I laughed for almost as long after seeing this.

[edit] It seems my Youtube playlist made it all wonky, so it posted a Jean-Claude Van Damme video of him teaching karate instead of Pattinson ripping Twilight a new asshole. Not that I mind, but I figured I should alert everyone in case you’re confused. The long and short of it? Van Damme should karate the Twilight cast in the face.

Happy Friday!


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  1. “Calling it your job still don’t make it right”

    Still holding strong and have never watched a minute of any of Twilight film.

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