MoviefiedNYC: Star Trek: Generations and Star Trek: First Contact


For my next MoviefiedNYC article on the Star Trek series, I take a look at the first two TNG outings, Generations and First Contact. I actually found my feelings on these films to have reversed from the last time I watched them. Click through for an excerpt and the link to the full article.

Star Trek: Generations

I suppose the plot sounds a little generic, and that’s fair enough. The quest for immortality has been done over and over again in every medium known to man, but that’s because it will always be relevant. It doesn’t matter what year it is; nobody wants to die, and science fiction affords those hungry enough for eternal life the infinite space with which to construct all manner of amoral schemes. Such is the case with Generations, as Soran would even destroy an entire solar system if it means he’ll be able to cheat death.

Star Trek: First Contact

“Just do it” appears to be the operative phrase when figuring out how to create rifts in time, and the TNG crew has now tied the score in the battle for which movie can piss me off more. Drinks on the house, guys. Good job.

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