Head in a Vice Review: Fritz Lang’s M


Every so often, I help out my fellow blogger, Tyson Carter, with his IMDb Top 250 Project. This time around, I reviewed Fritz Lang’s M, a 1931 German film about the panic caused by, and apprehension of, a child murderer. Unfortunately, there are no 360-degree slow-motion shots, so I had to dock it for that.


Being an 82-year-old film, M isn’t graphic or even violent in the least. The opening abduction is nothing more than a ball rolling into a patch of grass and a balloon getting tangled up in some power lines. It’s refreshing to watch a movie that deals with very heavy, disturbing material like this without feeling the need to show us the gruesome details. Granted, it works in some movies, but I still say restraint is rare and something worth mentioning these days.

Read the rest of M at Tyson Carter’s Head in a Vice


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  1. theipc says:

    Sir Phobos – I just clicked on your “Arnold Doll” pic. That is creepy as allgitout. May I use this as an icon for SHITFEST?


    *note – i’ve had some beers and getting ready to take the dogs for a walk and then dinner and bed – so it’s very possible I could forget this whole exchange.

    *looks at image again*


    • Sir Phobos says:

      I wish I had the copyright on that picture. Since I don’t, I guess you can use it just this once.
      I’ll start testing your memory by randomly showing you that picture and asking if you remember where you first saw it.
      If you have too many beers, don’t vomit in front of Arnold. He’ll turn you into a doll, too.

      • theipc says:

        LOL!!!!! I already forgot about it while the wife is doing her workout (before we go walk the dogs) (and I am photoshopping pictures of Woodstock for my film fest thing) (and I need to clip my fingernails) (and I just want to go wak the dogs and then eat) (and have a smoke) (and then some candy) (and then bed) (and then wake up in the middle of the night for a beer-piss)


      • Sir Phobos says:

        You have the memory of an elephant with a brain injury.
        See, that’s cool you’re photoshopping Woodstock pictures. If it were me, there would be some head-swapping going on.
        I hope your beer piss takes place in the actual bathroom.

  2. Is Fritz Lang any relation to Fritz the Cat?

  3. Tyson Carter says:

    And thanks again for doing it, very well received as always 🙂

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