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Hey, you know what? I like me some Star Trek. Coincidentally, a new one just hit theaters, and I happened to check it out Wednesday night. From what I’ve gathered up to this point, opinions on Into Darkness are pretty polarized. Some people think it’s worse than Crystal Skull (not kidding), and some people – like me – think it’s a very worthy entry in the series. Is it perfect? No, but I don’t get into too many of the small issues I have, since none of them lessened my enjoyment of the movie. I think once it hits blu-ray, I’ll get more in-depth with it, but it’s worth reading my review for a spoiler-free discussion.

In particular, Chris Pine does an exceptional job as Kirk. He plays him as a confident person, but one who also understands how hugely flawed he is as a human being. It took an entire movie and then some for Kirk to figure that out, but his journey there is wholly believable thanks to Pine’s nuanced performance. And every so often, I could see a glimpse of The Shat in him. Those moments are fleeting, but they’re definitely present.

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  1. Bad Antenna says:

    I thought it was great. I mean, really, what do people want from Star Trek?

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