Moviefied NYC: Evil Dead (2013)

EvilDeadGifI feel pretty bad about my blogging habits of late, and I’m looking to start posting some more original stuff (not something I wrote for another site) in the next couple of days. There are several things I want to write about, such as In the Mouth of Madness, Spring Breakers, and Upside Down, and if you’d rather read about one over the rest, do let me know. I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, here’s my Moviefied NYC review for the remake of Evil Dead. It’s not good. Excerpt and link after the jump.

In a post-Cabin in the Woods world, I can’t bring myself to take the basic premise of Evil Dead seriously anymore. I just can’t do it. The movie’s sub-genre has been absolutely obliterated by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, so to soldier on, seemingly without a clue, is curious at the very least. I will, however, give credit where credit is due. Evil Dead gets its characters to that cabin in the woods in a very plausible way, by simply making the trip one about detoxing a friend.

There’s blood all over the place as well as some gross-out scenes that earn the movies R rating, but they’re not grounded in anything. The characters are only built up enough to barely scrape by narratively, so any heavy lifting has to be done by the horror aspects alone. Sadly, Evil Dead just doesn’t deliver. Maybe it’s due to my earlier gripe about its sub-genre, which could counter any disturbing imagery with boring and predictable atmosphere.

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6 Responses to Moviefied NYC: Evil Dead (2013)

  1. Haha. Interesting take. I had the opposite feeling but everyone is entitled to their own opinion 😉

    • Sir Phobos says:

      Just read your take. Hah, that’s pretty neat about their letters spelling out demon. But yea…I just didn’t feel any of the emotions you did. It all felt very…done before. I agree with you about the detoxing. It does add a layer on top of the obvious goings-on and allows the other characters to not directly help Mia right away without looking like dipshits.

      You also have a better gif than I do.

  2. Tyson Carter says:

    Just watched it, I really liked it……. but it had lots of blood and gore so Im easily sold 🙂

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