Just in Time for the Weekend

So, obviously, this Friday’s Just in Time for the Weekend is barely making it on time. I’m sick, so what more can you ask of me? Anyways, this should fill the gaping hole in your heart left by the 11-hour postponement. I’m seeing The Wolverine this weekend (which I’m hoping is way better than the last one, because it kind of blows), so what better to leave you with than Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris singing a duet at the 2011 Tony Awards? I’m a little disappointed there was no wire work incorporated into the routine, but I can’t choreograph everything.

Happy Friday!


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6 Responses to Just in Time for the Weekend

  1. table9mutant says:

    I remember this. Funny. 🙂 Hope you get better. And hope The Wolverine is good!

  2. that was hilarious! hope you feel better : ) summer colds are the worst

  3. summer colds are the worst, feel better broham

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