Just in Time for the Weekend

The Wolverine may have opened like a week ago or something (my sense of passing time is…not the best), but there’s never not room for watching a supercut of superheroes introducing themselves. On a side note, it’s been a while, but Kelsey Grammer looks absolutely ridiculous as Beast. That’s not a knock on him; it just seems like one of those things that doesn’t translate well into live-action. Then again, I’ll blame Ratner. Yea…that’s the safe bet.

[edit] The YouTube channel apparently took the video I was using here down, so I’ll hunt for a replacement as soon as I can. Keep checking back for the corrected epicness!

[edit…again] My only recourse is to put up the link to the actual video from Hitfix, which is very disappointing. They have a YouTube channel for a reason, you know. Anyways, thank you to the three people who “liked” this post even without the video, which is the entire point. You make it allllllll worth it.

Here’s the stupid link to the awesome supercut of superheroes introducing themselves

And as a special make-up for not having all of this prepared properly, here’s a bonus video!

I don’t think ol’ Wilford was up to actually splitting that log in half, otherwise they wouldn’t have cut away from him. He’s probably just biding his time, waiting to infect and copy another human when nobody’s looking.

Happy Friday!


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