My New Mission: Making or Watching Movies while Drunk (probably watching)

I was just on the Gamma Squad blog, and I came across a short film, Star Drunk, which was literally written and acted out by drunk people. The only ones not drunk were behind the scenes. As you might imagine, it’s fucking awesome. No more delays:

“Our engines are fueaiillliinng!”  may be my favorite line, but there are a lot to choose from.

Personally, I feel like Peter Jackson should utilize this new technique to get inspired, enriching performances out of his actors for the next eight or so Hobbit movies. The drunker, the better.



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7 Responses to My New Mission: Making or Watching Movies while Drunk (probably watching)

  1. a movie starring drunk people for drunk people? I am so there… hicccup!

  2. theipc says:

    Remind me to watch this when I get home so I have sound – this looks wicked-awesome.

  3. table9mutant says:

    Ha! Funny! Did a stoned Patrick Stewart give them acting lessons? 🙂

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