MoviefiedNYC: Ender’s Game – To Boycott or Not?

ENDER'S GAMEIt’s not often I get to talk about things outside of movies on this blog, so it’s nice to finally be able to incorporate other aspects of my life into the fictional world of film. Of course, it’s only happening because Orson Scott Card is a giant a-hole who opens his mouth where it’s not required, so there’s that. If you don’t know what I’m on about, well, you’re in luck! I have a whole article based on the subject! Click through for an excerpt and link to the full piece.

Being that those words comprise the first paragraph of the article, you don’t have to read too much to see the level of crazy Card is operating on. According to him, gay people falling in love means the very foundation upon which this country was founded will simply crumble under the weight of fabulousness, but only if it’s legally recognized. That’s a bizarre claim, isn’t it? I wonder if it’ll happen all at once, like a big, dirty, gay bomb going off inside the capitol building – rainbows flying everywhere; dogs and cats living together; mass hysteria!

I’m sorry to burst Card’s bubble, but if you’re scared that gay marriage is going to literally do away with democracy, then yes, you’re a homophobe. That’s not a rational fear in any sense, and the term has never only applied to those who lash out violently. If that were so, then the only racists in this world would be the ones who physically abuse minorities. Does that ring true? Of course not. If you’re white, go ahead and use the N word in public while claiming you’re not racist. See how far that gets you.

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