Why I Haven’t Blogged Much Lately

Over the past several months, my blogging has been sporadic, and I’ve made off-handed comments here and there about the cause being the fact that I’m a new parent. Well, I just wanted to show the people who actually stick around here why I’ve been so preoccupied:



This is Addison, and she’s 6 months old. She says hello, and that she like carrots, puking on dada, growling, and badminton.

Since she’s been born, there have been a bunch of ideas I’ve wanted to write about, but there being 24 hours in a day is inconvenient for me. I’m currently petitioning the White House to fix that. Part of the proposal has to do with eliminating daylight savings and then sending Hillary Swank and Aaron Eckhart into the core of the Earth to slow its rotation down.

I’m also trying to think of ways to post more continuously, which probably means making them shorter than they used to be. I do thank everyone who’s still checking this blog out whenever I have a new post up. I know I also haven’t been commenting around the blogosphere a lot, either, but the reason is the same. I’ll try to do better someday.

[edit] I added three more pictures, because I could.


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27 Responses to Why I Haven’t Blogged Much Lately

  1. Congrats! Addison looks just like you 😉

    • Sir Phobos says:

      That’s kind of you, but I’ve found that people are way more forgiving of her when she has food all over her face. Not so much with me, and I don’t get the double standard.

  2. Lyzette says:

    Awww, congratulations; she’s adorable! Hopefully, you’re able to still keep up with the posting (I read your posts, although I seldom comment), but if not, that’s understandable. Your child needs you more now! Congrats again.

    • Sir Phobos says:

      Oh, I’ll still post stuff, I just won’t have any kind of schedule or anything. I’d call one post a week besides my Friday feature a success. And thanks, it’s always good to know people read my stuff even without commenting. And thanks for the compliment, too. She is, in fact, adorable. You hit the nail right on the head.

  3. CMrok93 says:

    Congrats on the baby! Hope to see you back sooner than later brother.

  4. I can’t possibly relate.

    I had bad news (at least as it relates to blogging)…it’s gonna get worse for a long time before it gets better. See, right now she sleeps a lot. And when she’s awake, it’s not like she’s getting away from you. But in a year, when she’s walking and talking and holy shit how did she get over there so quickly and what is that in her mouth?

    My daughter is now about 2.5. I think I’ll eventually have free time and be able to get things accomplished while “watching her” when she’s 4 or 5…but someone with older kids could probably tell me I’m nuts and it won’t be until 6 or 7…or later. Oh well.

    • Sir Phobos says:

      lol, she’s already crawling all over the place, and she pulls herself up on everything so she can try to walk. She really, really wants to walk, and she likes me holding her hands while she high-steps. And everything already goes right into her mouth, actually. Well, recently, she’s starting to focus really hard on what she’s holding, trying to figure it out……..then it goes it the mouth.

      We watch my niece a lot, and she’s 2 and a half as well, so hopefully we’ll have enough practice with her. I don’t remember what free time is. Doesn’t it involve, like, doing stuff or something, I forget.

  5. Tyson Carter says:

    In a couple of months my first will be here and I look forward to having an excuse not to blog. Rather than just being lazy. Congrats dude, so cute, must get her looks from her mother 😉

  6. Adorable, but I think I could take her in badminton.

  7. theipc says:

    You should do some dictation and blog what she has to say : )

  8. Congrats! She’s so pretty and super cute 🙂

  9. Well, at least you have a good reason for not posting often. I’ve just gotten lazy(also i have been trying to get some film stuff going, but its still mostly laziness). And the lack of comments my recent posts have gotten hasn’t really helped my enthusiasm,which makes me even lazier, which probably leads to less comments…its like a cycle man.

    Anyways, congratulations being dada and all that.

    • Sir Phobos says:

      Yea, I get like that sometimes when there aren’t a lot of comments on something I thought was really good, like my article on Orson Scott Card. But then I realize not a lot of people comment in general, even if they do read stuff.

      Thanks, though! Being dada kicks ass.

  10. Congrats again dude, too cute 🙂

    I hear you about time to write being hard to come by my friend. Our new addition just turned 17 days old. Crazy times indeed.

    • Sir Phobos says:

      Well hoooooly shit, congrats to you, too! I remember when Addy was 17 days old. She fit on my arm. I’m going to go cry now. Actually, she’s a lot more fun now. Her personality is really coming out.

  11. robbinsrealm says:

    Congratulations! Addison is adorable.

  12. jennypugh says:

    Aw congratulations! Addison is so gorgeous, she has such a cheeky face 😀

  13. table9mutant says:

    Aww – what a cutie pie! Best possible reason to be blogging a lot less. 🙂

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