Digital Pricing is Bullshit


This is how I feel when I see digital pricing

Hey, so here’s a way for me to get a post up without having to do much: Bitch about something! It’s quick (this time, at least), and you guys can either agree with me or tell me how far off the reservation I am.

All I want to do today is watch that piece of shit 2009 Star Trek one more time before my second watch of Into Darkness. I’m at work, and my PC’s disc drive hardly ever works, so the DVD I already have is out. So, I remembered it being on Netflix, and…nope, not there anymore. Amazon has it to rent for $3.99, as does Vudu. Buying it on Amazon will run you $9.99, and Vudu has it for $11.99. But the Blu-ray goes for $9.96 on Amazon, so why in the hell would I ever buy that digitally? And why would I rent something for 4 bucks when I could own it for $10?

I don’t even want to own that atrocity; I just want to have it fresh in my mind as I’m watching the new one. In case you’re wondering what my thoughts are on the 2009 reboot, here’s my review. In short, I don’t like it. It’s bad science fiction and treats its audience like a bunch of 5-year-olds.

If I don’t want to own it, I’m stuck right now with either paying 4 bucks for the HD rental or just giving up. I think I’m going to go with option B. I’ve already seen it two or three times, so it’s not that big of a deal. But man…digital pricing is. In particular, even more hilarious is Vudu’s pricing. They’re asking $22.99 for the HD version of Into Darkness, when the Blu-ray is $19.99 on Amazon. Get the hell out of here with that nonsense. Physical media will never degrade in quality; it will always be yours; and it looks sweet to have an actual collection on display. None of those attributes apply to digital content, so I’ll only ever use Vudu and all that other crap as a supplement to my actual movie collection.

Still, ugh. I just wanted to watch Deus Ex Spockina one more time. Oh, well. Would you eat it and rent Star Trek or follow in my impeccable footsteps and pass?

[edit] I just remembered that this actually happened:

FarOutBonesIt appears Bones was called back to duty while on sabbatical in the mountains of Colorado, cultivating “herbal remedies.” Hell, he could have been space’s first dispensary doctor. But why wasn’t anything more made of ’70s Bones? I mean, holy shit. Look at that bling.


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12 Responses to Digital Pricing is Bullshit

  1. Victor De Leon says:

    Whoa. $22.99? What the what??? That sucks bro. Still, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on “Into Darkness.” I dug it ok but it is still that funky Abrams-verse where the bridge still looks like an Apple store and engineering looks like some basement in a Dam or Nuclear Plant somewhere but the science is a bit better but it’s still Die Hard on a Starship. And instead of treating the audience like 5 year olds they treat us like 12 year old pimply pre-teens. It has some incredible action set pieces and the FX are astounding. Hope you get to re-watch the first one somehow, bro!

    • Sir Phobos says:

      An Apple store! Now I know why I hate it.

      But yea…23 bucks, which is a bunch of crap.

      I think engineering looks like a brewery, myself.

      Hey, I’m glad they went for an older demographic this time! Maybe next, we’ll be treated to material suitable for someone who can babysit my daughter for 10 minutes but can’t borrow my car.

      ^^^ My review of Into Darkness. I’m contemplating reviewing it again after the rewatch, but only if my opinion drastically changes.

      • Victor De Leon says:

        A brewery! Haha! You hit the nail right on the head there, man. As far as Trek 2009, it won’t be the first time people have softened up on a movie after a few re-tries. But I know you have strong feelings so I don’t expect that to happen with you. But you never know you may come to terms on some aspects of it. Either way I respect your opinions on Trek. Thanks for the link to your review. I bookmarked it.

  2. Victor De Leon says:

    By the way, I will be re-reading your Trek 2009 movie review and giving you my thoughts soon!

    • Victor De Leon says:

      Oh and um, duh…I meant to tell ya to give it another shot to really cement your feelings towards it. (I kind of think you have though) Perhaps your local library has a copy?

      • Sir Phobos says:

        My wife’s dad actually owns it on DVD, and I have it sitting next to me right now. My work PC just won’t play it. Yea, my feelings on the 2009 one are set in some pretty solid cement at this point. 2 or 3 watches was enough for me to realize I’d rather watch The Voyage Home. THAT is saying something.

      • Victor De Leon says:

        I have it on blu ray and honest speaking I put it on when I want to watch something dumb and loud but it’s been a while. I think that now whenever I do watch it I start to pick it apart and then it gets ugly. As far as TVH, I’d choose classic Trek over the reboots anyday. I hope you dig Into Darkness. Looking forward to your review!

      • Sir Phobos says:

        Oh, TOS and its movies are leagues better than the Abrams stuff, that’s for damn sure. But The Voyage Home…all I’m saying is Hippie Spock, time travel, and Sea World whales. But it did give me a wonderful line I use on occasion, “double dumbass on you.” And I do like how at least the very beginning is a continuation of the story from The Search for Spock. Actually, all of the movies feel like one long narrative in a way.

  3. That is definitely some bullshittyness. I feel like they release the digital editions first and they don’t worry what the price is because you’ll be eager to buy it. Bull crap.

    • Sir Phobos says:

      Well, go talk to Markus. He pays his “convenience price” all the time for digital shit. It’s just wasting money. But he picked up Into Darkness on blu-ray, so he thought better this time.

      Bullshittiness indeed!

  4. Plus Vudu’s streaming is atrocious. The one time I tried watching something through it it repeatedly stopped an buffered, then I switched to SD and it was ok. Same thing happened to my mysterious friend Brad.

    • Sir Phobos says:

      Well, that sounds shitty. I have a Vudu account, but I haven’t actually used it. I have a handful of movies I got for free when I bought the blu-rays and then ten free ones they give you for signing up. I think Amazon is a better service, though, at least from what I’ve seen.

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