Philip Seymour Hoffman

I’m sure your reader will be filled with Philip Seymour Hoffman posts for the next few days, so I’m well aware that this post will be nothing special in that regard. I knew nothing of his personal life, and I can’t even think of the last interview of his that I saw. The only thing I can speak on is that he was an amazing actor, and I’ll miss what he brought to every character he inhabited. Punch Drunk Love was the last movie of his that I watched before he passed, so it seems only fitting to pay tribute to The Mattress Man in all his glory:

Like I said, I can’t talk about how great a guy Hoffman was, because I didn’t know him. I feel sorry that addiction apparently overcame him, and I empathize with his friends and family who are left to pick up the pieces. As a movie fan, though, I think it’s totally alright to praise his work and remember the impact he made on people like me, who feel talent like his are few and far between. Long live Philip Seymour Hoffman!



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