Happy Birthday, Jackie Chan!

JackieJackie Chan is 60 today! Holy shit! To celebrate, you have to watch the epic final fight scene from Police Story. I’ve never seen so many people thrown through glass displays in my life. Also, notice how much Jackie gets banged up as he’s really over-matched in terms of numbers. No bullshit where five guys are just standing around until their turn comes to try and hit him.

Another must-see on this joyous occasion is the final fight sequences in one of my favorite Jackie Chan flicks, Legend of Drunken Master. He falls right on top of a bed of hot coals, gets drunk, and breathes fire, so yea. Check it out:

There’s so much I could say about Jackie Chan, but to keep it short and sweet, I’ll say that he’s one of the big reasons I have high expectations when it comes to movie fights. For over thirty years, this guy has been putting his body out there to entertain us with some of the most amazing stunt and fight choreography ever put to film. Here’s to Jackie turning 60 – he’s earned the party. Now, off to watch Police Story 2013, which I have slacked on. *shakes head*



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