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Why I Haven’t Blogged Much Lately

Over the past several months, my blogging has been sporadic, and I’ve made off-handed comments here and there about the cause being the fact that I’m a new parent. Well, I just wanted to show the people who actually stick … Continue reading

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MoviefiedNYC: Ender’s Game – To Boycott or Not?

It’s not often I get to talk about things outside of movies on this blog, so it’s nice to finally be able to incorporate other aspects of my life into the fictional world of film. Of course, it’s only happening … Continue reading

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Moviefied NYC: Will Smith, Nepotism, and After Earth: Why That’s a Bad Combination

I wrote a piece over at Moviefied NYC about the potential problem I see with the recent turn Jaden Smith’s career has taken. Basically, I think his father needs to back the hell off and let his son make it … Continue reading

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Trailer for Spring Breakers; or, Please Just Kill Me Now

Watch this trailer, then hit the jump where I go off on a rant about how absolutely stupid and awful this looks.

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I’m Taking my Ball and Going Back to My Secret Island Utopia – Atlas Shrugged (2011)

You might be wondering what possessed me to watch Atlas Shrugged. It’s a fair thing to ponder, but I think I can defend myself. It’s not that I thought there would be any merit to it. Haha, that’s a good … Continue reading

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More Like Borophyll – The Tree of Life (2011)

It takes a lot of sweaty balls to make a film as self-indulgent as The Tree of Life. I mean, Jesus Christ, Terrence Malick. I only made it through 38 minutes of your TWO HOUR, NINETEEN MINUTE MOVIE.

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