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Charlemagne: Omens of Death – a Heavy Metal Concept Album by Christopher Lee

For those of you not in the know, Christopher Lee has two – count ’em – TWO heavy metal concept albums under his belt. Did you realize that? I didn’t until about ten minutes ago. What’s that? You require more … Continue reading

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Digital Pricing is Bullshit

Hey, so here’s a way for me to get a post up without having to do much: Bitch about something! It’s quick (this time, at least), and you guys can either agree with me or tell me how far off … Continue reading

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Jim Carrey “cannot support that level of violence” in Kick-Ass 2

Originally posted on Quickflix:
Jim Carrey has publicly distanced himself from his upcoming movie Kick-Ass 2, Tweeting his inability to “support that level of violence” following the shooting at the Sandy Hook elementary school. “I did Kickass a month b4 Sandy Hook and…

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Happy Birthday Eric Roberts

In honor of Eric Roberts’ 57th birthday today, I will entertain you for five minutes with some random clips from his career. Personal highlights include him doing pelvic thrusts during a mating ritual, and getting slapped in the face by … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Steven Seagal

It’s easy nowadays to equate Steven Seagal with the words “douche” and “washed-up.” But for a while there, he was a certified bad ass of action cinema. So, since it’s his 61st birthday today (and I barely realized this in … Continue reading

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Trailer for Spring Breakers; or, Please Just Kill Me Now

Watch this trailer, then hit the jump where I go off on a rant about how absolutely stupid and awful this looks.

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Avenge This

Well, blogosphere, I just don’t care. The internet may get really clogged up in a couple of days, but I’m fairly confident my life will continue on after not having seen The Avengers opening weekend. Hey, did you know I … Continue reading

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