Charlemagne: Omens of Death – a Heavy Metal Concept Album by Christopher Lee

OmensOfDeathFor those of you not in the know, Christopher Lee has two – count ’em – TWO heavy metal concept albums under his belt. Did you realize that? I didn’t until about ten minutes ago. What’s that? You require more proof? Enjoy his second effort, released May, 2013:

That’s totally Christopher Lee fronting some medieval, melodic rock for 53 minutes. In all honesty, it’s not exactly my cup of metal tea, but it’s close enough, and this came out of nowhere in my mind. I want an off-Broadway musical! Just look at all the fire and horses and…crows and shit on that album cover!

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Just in Time for the Weekend

This one doesn’t need much introduction. Somebody should be forced to give these two guys a team and a budget. Like, yesterday.

I give you about five minutes of what would be a kick-ass Batman vs. Terminators movie:

Happy Friday!


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Philip Seymour Hoffman

I’m sure your reader will be filled with Philip Seymour Hoffman posts for the next few days, so I’m well aware that this post will be nothing special in that regard. I knew nothing of his personal life, and I can’t even think of the last interview of his that I saw. The only thing I can speak on is that he was an amazing actor, and I’ll miss what he brought to every character he inhabited. Punch Drunk Love was the last movie of his that I watched before he passed, so it seems only fitting to pay tribute to The Mattress Man in all his glory:

Like I said, I can’t talk about how great a guy Hoffman was, because I didn’t know him. I feel sorry that addiction apparently overcame him, and I empathize with his friends and family who are left to pick up the pieces. As a movie fan, though, I think it’s totally alright to praise his work and remember the impact he made on people like me, who feel talent like his are few and far between. Long live Philip Seymour Hoffman!


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Just in Time for the Weekend

Well, tonight I’ll be packing up and heading home for my annual Christmas vacation (nothing like Clark W. Griswold’s), which means I’ll also be contemplating fundamental truths about our existence; enjoying the season as daily stresses go away for eleven days; and drinking and reading some sci-fi. I know I’ve missed a couple of Friday video posts, so here’s a good fifteen-minute-long one to enjoy. It’s none other than Captain Jean-luc Picard waxing philosophical about finer points of morality, justice, and other related topics. If you want something more explody, just watch the second clip underneath this one.

Don’t let anyone tell you I don’t cater to a wide palette.

Happy Friday!

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Just in Time for the Weekend

I’ve been on a bit of a Batman kick lately; the animated stuff on Netflix (Batman and Justice League movies) are all pretty excellent, and I started reading The Dark Knight Returns again. The first time around, I never finished it. So sue me. But I just came across this little mashup of all the shit Batman says in his ridiculous voice. It’s made even more ridiculous when everything is said back-to-back-to-back-to-back. My god, that is an awful voice. The movies are great, but man. Anyways, enjoy.

Happy Friday!

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Live Tweetage – Far Cry (2008)


So, I watched Far Cry yesterday. It wasn’t one of my brightest ideas, but I did pay actual currency to see the first Transformers in theaters. I also paid to see Doom. I always think back on that when I find myself thinking it’s beneath me to watch, well, anything ever again.

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Just in Time for the Weekend

As if you didn’t see this coming. Yep, Van Damme did another holy shit awesome commercial, but this time he didn’t just poke fun at himself; he did a stunt that’s genuinely impressive. I’d love to try this, but I value my life. And my crotch (maybe even more so).

Happy Friday!

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